Tickets & Spreadsheets

Visual Dispatch® software makes it easy to schedule equipment and/or employess with simple, easy to use features. Below are some of the easy to use Ticket and Spreadsheet screen shots.



Printed Ticket Sample

After a job is taken, a ticket can be generated. The information displayed on the printed ticket is determined by the options selected in the program. At the end of the day a batch of completed tickets can all be printed with one click of the mouse. Tickets can display important information, like COD pay terms that require full payment to be collected at the time of completion.



Ticket Set-up Form

Tickets use the information that is entered for the work order. If multiple resources are assigned to the job, you have the ability to make personalized tickets for each employee. These tickets are associated with each resource and are all stored within the same job.



Day View Spreadsheet

In this example, color coding is used to highlight user preferred details and change the appearance of the grid. Olive-colored rows indicate the rental is complete; Orange cells signify a non-dispatched rental; Peach-colored rows display any notes related to the day's schedule; Solid green color indicates a C.O.D. rental; Bright yellow cell alerts dispatchers to a rental requiring special attention. You can choose from over 60 different columns of information to display on the spreadsheet and choose the order in which the columns are displayed. Visual Dispatch® software is capable of saving an unlimited amount of user-defined layouts.



Week View Spreadsheet

Visual Dispatch® software has two weekly views available: equipment and employee. Both views have a calendar-like appearance enabling the dispatcher to see concise rental information for that week. Rentals are added to this view by clicking any open cell.