Purchase Plans

Visual Dispatch software takes a flexible, powerful approach to scheduling and allows the user to easily modify the layout of the application to fit their needs. You can configure Visual Dispatch® software to handle any method of crane scheduling in addition to any other types of dispatching. 

Visual Dispatch® Standard


Job Tickets

Basic Invoicing

Text Messaging
Text messages can be sent directly from Visual Dispatch to any mobile phone. Send your employees start times, directions, addresses, reminders, etc... Auto settings can send text messages at preset times throughout the day.

Web View
View your real-time schedules on the Internet from a secure server.

Map Links
Plot job sites and other addresses directly on MapQuest® or Google®.

Remote Server Backup
Twice daily database backup to an offsite server for secure storage in the event of system failure or other outage.

FTP Briefcase
Save files to an offsite server for protection from lost or damaged files.

Updates & Upgrades
We are constantly making improvements to Visual Dispatch based on industry changes and customer suggestions.

24 Hour Tech Support
For any Visual Dispatch software issues, call our toll free number.

Direct Online Training
Live interactive training done over the Internet.

Setup Fee
A one-time fee equivalent to your first monthly payment will be charged for system setup. 




Visual Dispatch® Pro

(All Standard Features listed above, plus the Pro features listed below.)

Mapping Integration
Full integration with Microsoft MapPoint®. Get instant map results within Visual Dispatch. Scroll across maps and pull up instant directions without the delays of the Internet.

Invoice Integration
Transfer invoice data to your accounting system. Supported accounting systems include MYOB®, QuickBooks®, Peachtree® and Great Plains®. Other accounting systems are integrated upon request.

Pop-up Reminders
Reminders can be entered with alarms. Similar to post-it notes. They can be displayed on a local computer or across the entire network.

Customer Importing
Import your customer list from a text file usually generated from your accounting system.

Salesperson Tracking
Track salespeople by revenue, customers and jobs.

Employee Skill Tracking
Alerts popup if employees are scheduled on equipment without appropriate skills.

City Permit Verification
Warnings display when a city permit or special attention is required.

Equipment Utilization Reports
Generate a report of equipment displaying hours worked, traveled, days, revenue, etc...

Employee Utilization Reports
Generate a report of employees displaying hours worked, days, revenue, etc...

Auto Data Backup
Scheduled hourly backup of your database to another computer or drive for data protection in the event of system failure.

Purge old data out of the current database into another database file that you can access if needed.

Automatically archive job data internally.

Custom filters can be used to display only certain information you choose to see. These filters can be saved and easily selected from a list located in the tool bar.

Trig Calculator
For crane companies: An advanced trig calculator used for scaling jobs. Calculates boom length, boom angles, tip height and the min/max distance allowed to perform the pick.

Lift Analysis
For crane companies: Once lift entries are entered, the program will select the correct size crane for the supplied lift dimensions. Also, it will show the furthest distance a crane can take out a given load weight.